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by World Music October 06, 2023


NEW SINGLE and Vinyl Release

‘Ahora más cerca’ Sangit, ft. Yasmin Levy // Rough Guide to Memphis Minnie: Queen of Country Blues (LP)

‘Ahora más cerca’ Sangit, ft. Yasmin Levy

We are excited to announce today's release, 'Ahora más cerca' by Sangit featuring Yasmin Levy. This beautiful ballad is a highlight of Sangit’s upcoming album 'Ooroo' and features the heartfelt vocals of Yasmin Levy, the queen of Ladino music.



Rough Guide to Memphis Minne: Queen of Country Blues

Memphis Minnie was one of the greatest guitarists and blues singers of her time and a pioneering influence in the urban transformation of country blues. This classic selection of songs is taken from her first prodigious burst of creativity when she recorded with her then-husband Kansas Joe McCoy.