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by World Music Network October 23, 2015


2015 London International Art Festival Not To Miss

London International Arts Festival (LIAF) hosted by Dhruv Arts is a Diversity Arts Festival with focus on South Indian classical Carnatic music. Festival dates are Nov 4th to 8th with performances to be held in the following pretigious London venues: the London Jazz Cafe, Rich Mix, Oslo, St Ethelburga's and Redbridge Town Hall.

John Renbourn: The Attic Tapes

Call of Banglore - Jyotsna Srikanth

Explore the beauty of Jyotsna’s South Indian violin on this sensitively crafted collection of Carnatic music. Adept at playing in many styles, Jyotsna’s elastic approach imbues her classical playing with a fresh energy that summons listeners to discover the elegant musical traditions of her home; this is her Call Of Bangalore.

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Founded and curated by highly skilled violinist Jyotsna Srikanth, the festival features both established and up-and-coming ensembles for performance slots during the event, offering live music and workshops to diverse audience from the world. The festival celebrates diversity in music and features local, regional, national and international performers in genres including World, Jazz, Classical, Folk and Contemporary.  

Alongside Jyotsna Srikanth's violin mastery, other musical performers include Mercury nominated drummer Seb Rochford, Carnatic singer Mahathi, UK Asian Underground producer Osmani Soundz and Grand Union Orchestra. A major highlight of the festival will beTalvin Singh, an accomplished tabla player, electronic musician, music theorist, record producer, visual practitioner and DJ. He will be performing with TRIKONA as a special live project, taking his Jazz and Dub influences to a new direction. 

Thus, the 2015 London International Art Festival is sure to be a memorable one. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience these world-class musicians practicing their crafts. For more information about the festival CLICK HERE.