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by World Music February 25, 2021


New Releases: Steve Tilston - Such Times // Anansy Cissé - Anoura // The Rough Guide To Avant-Garde Japan

We've been busy since the end of 2020.

Here are three brand new releases for you to explore:

  • Steve Tilston - Such Times [Riverboat Records]
  • Anansy Cissé - Anoura [Riverboat Records]
  • The Rough Guide To Avant-Garde Japan [Rough Guides]

    Each release comes with its own unique story, with fantastic artists ready to take your hand and transport you to their own sonic worlds. 

    Steve Tilston - Such Times

    Steve Tilston - Such Times

    Steve Tilston - Such Times boasts a collection of finely crafted songs, tapping into the zeitgeist once again throughout this intriguing piece of work.

    His superb musicianship and lyrical mastery are deftly expressed using his new self-designed Brook ‘Calder‘ guitar, as he weaves his magic on a wide-range of subjects including homelessness, an early ramble on the moors, and the magical effect of music on children.

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    Anansy Cissé - Anoura

    Anansy Cisse Anoura

    Anansy Cissé - Anoura sees the return of Malian guitar axeman Anansy Cissé providing another eagerly awaited dose of his trademark desert blues.

    In 2018, Anansy Cissé was en route to play a peace festival in his hometown of Diré, in the Timbuktu region of Mali, when they were stopped by an armed gang, held captive and their instruments smashed. Cissé was devastated:

    “What was the point of singing about the benefits of love and peace as long as justice and security for all are not assured?"

    Drawing inspiration from the tumultuous upheaval in his homeland, Anansy offers a positive message in these songs of love, respect and hope for better times ahead.

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    The Rough Guide To Avant-Garde Japan

    Avant-Garde Japan

    The Rough Guide To Avant-Garde Japan explores the paradox that a country with a reputation for conformity and obeying the rules has also produced some of the world’s most radical music, where rules are only there to be broken. The origins of the experimental, avant-garde, improvisation, free jazz and onykokei (reverberation of sound) scenes date back to at least 1951, when the American administration departed Japan.

    From boundary-pushing koto musicians to experimental jazz virtuosi, Japanese music has long embraced all things avant-garde. This Rough Guide highlights some of today’s key innovators whose individualism challenges the conformist perception of Japan.

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