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by World Music Network June 25, 2020


Adventuring through North America

Music and travel go hand in hand, and during these difficult times of lockdown throughout the world one is having to learn to experience these once taken for granted enjoyments from the confinement of one’s home.

North America is a continent of enormous natural and cultural diversity, encompassing such a huge range of environments, communities and climates within its 23 countries. From Caribbean calypso and Central American Garifuna to the many roots tradition of the US, this collection of 25 wide-ranging tracks takes you on a musical whistle stop tour across the world’s third largest continent. Taking in the blues and gospel traditions along the way as well as the much-loved Latin rhythms of Salsa and merengue, this is arguably our most musically diverse playlist to date and a fitting finale to our series of five continent playlists. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the journey!

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