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by World Music Network February 27, 2012


Amadou Diagne: New Video Taken From Debut Album

Amadou Diagne, who today releases his much awaited debut album Introducing Amadou Diagneis a griot hailing from Senegal. His exquisite song writing is delivered with a distinctive voice, accompanied by his bluesy acoustic guitar, traditional drumming and the occasional glittering kora. As well as his album, Diagne has recently released a new video to accompany the the track 'Dabakh'.

'Dabakh' (pronounced Dabagh) is named in praise of Dabakh Malik, a much loved Marabout (Imam) who recently died. An Imam is an Islamic position of leadership in the Mosque and its community. Many singers in Senegal have recorded songs in praise of his preachings of tolerance, respect and non-violence. This collection of musicians include a very young Youssou N'dour. Following in his footsteps, Amadou Diagne's video pays tribute to the great Imam and his life.