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by World Music Network May 20, 2016


Artist Profile: Lamine Sonko & The African Intelligence

Growing up into a family whose members share a strong passion for the arts whether it be as a musician, dancer or even as a poet is often the catalyst for anyone to perhaps at the least pick up one of these disciplines as a hobby.
For Senegalese-born, Lamine Sonko he took that ideology one step further and incorporated it as his lifestyle. Not just any ordinary lifestyle but one with a focus on sharing his culture, his story, through music, poetry and dance as a way for people to connect.

The best way to continue to pass knowledge and history in the true sense of a griotis to trek to the horizons and immerse in other cultures. So that knowledge can be shared with one another, so that history can continue to live through the mouths and minds of people.

'Embrace cultural music, embrace indigenous music. There is history in it, there’s stories that can help shape and understand different ways of life'

For over ten years, Lamine has lived in Melbourne, Australia. He has become a mainstay within the local community continuing to break down barriers and open people to the importance of music with a strong emphasis in taking-in the culture whilst sharing his own.

Lamine has built a strong listenership while fronting local musical ensembles, while he also works tirelessly on Lamine Sonko & The African Intelligence. His own music project which features some of Melbourne’s most talented. Including; Kumar Shome (who also features in the below clip).

What has been most integral to Lamine’s involvement is his continued willingness to teach and educate all ages, and backgrounds.  It intertwines communities and leaves an overall sense of inclusion.
Lamine is an important member of the West African community in Melbourne who previously served as an ambassador for Multicultural Arts Victoria.

'It’s bringing people together it’s helping the cultural melting pot of Australia become alive, people becoming a bit more confident, a bit more relaxed. To feel a part of society'

We sit down with the charismatic Lamine Sonko of The African Intelligence to chat about the importance of preserving culture through music and the positive effects and perceptions that can come from creating and sharing a melting-pot of influences and flavours in local communities.

Watch below for the interview and live performance of tracks, Lumba and Mi Amore which are sung in Wolof and Spanish.
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