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by World Music Network March 12, 2012


BBC World Service 'The Strand' Discusses Psychedelic Africa

RG to Psychedelic AfricaBBC World Service 'The Strand' hosts World Music Network founder Phil Stanton to discuss the release of The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Africa. Presenter Lawrence Pollard discusses the ideas behind the album and the musical influences that heavily feature on it.

The programme explores the impact of psychedelic music on Africa; the music of psychedelic musicians such as Santana heavily influenced African musicians in the 1971 Soul to Soul Festival in Ghana. 'Psychedelic' music hailed from U.S West coast with their wah-wah guitars and Jimi Hendrix styles. The musical cross-over, which was mainly channeled through motown artists, inspired artists across the African continent. The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Africa encapsulates the movement. 

Listen to the programme online here!