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by World Music Network March 12, 2012


Benjamín Escoriza Passes Away

We are saddened to hear the news here at World Music Network that Benjamín Escoriza died on 9 March after a long illness. 

The Granada-born vocalist and lyricist was renowned for his raw and distinctive voice that led the ground breaking Spanish band Radio Tarifa to worldwide acclaim. Their work was a blend of the Moorish, Sephardic, flamenco and contemporary North African styles that are readily found in the area. 

AlevantaIn 2007, Benjamín released his first album, Alevanta! on Riverboat Records. Alevanta! was Benjamín's first solo release and very much left his Granada roots musically exposed. The album received a four-starred review from The Independent On Sunday, stating it to be 'a stew of medieval, Moorish and flamenco influences’.

Benjamín went on to release a further solo album, Mirando p’l Este, that reflected his eclectic musical tastes and output

His works and musical talents will be missed - but most importantly, they are to be celebrated.