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by World Music Network October 21, 2014


Best WMN Releases Of 2014...So Far!

With the Autumn well on its way, it's time to look back at all the good things 2014 has brought us! Here, we are presenting you the most acclaimed World Music Network albums of the year. Read some of the reviews below and see for yourself: wouldn't these albums make any world music fan happy?

Besides rave reviews, we're also very proud that as many as three of our Riverboat Records releases have been announced as Songlines 'Top Of The World' albums: Tamburocket Hungarian Fireworks - SöndörgöOj Tak! - Ch?opcy Kontra Basia, Wild Goats & Unmarried Women - She'Koyokh, and that last year's release The Villageby Monoswezi was nominated for the Songlines Music Awards 2014. Our presence in iTunes did not remain unnoticed either: Calaita Flamenco Son's debut album was selected as iTunes Best of 2014 in World Music. To top it off, Söndörgö is headlining at WOMEX 2014 in Santiago de Compostella this week, did we mention we are proud? 

As 2014 marked our double anniversary, we released a special compilation album, Riverboat Records: Music From The SourceWe also organised the event Rough Guide Live with Krar Collective, Jyotsna Srikanth and Greekadelia, which brought the celebrations to another level (a grand finale with the world’s first (?) Greek-Indian-Ethiopian ensemble). We would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank our supporters, customers and artists! Without them, our 25 years of Riverboat Records and 20 years of World Music Network would never have been this fun, inspiring and successful.

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World Music Charts Europe (WMCE)

Many Riverboat Records albums were included in the World Music Charts Europe. The number in brackets behind the albums below, indicates the highest position in the charts they achieved.

Tamburocket Hungarian Fireworks - Sondorgo (1) 
Eastern Moon Rising - Boris Kova? & La Campanella (6)
Tiger Run - Sally Nyolo (7)
Left Foot Dance Of The Yi- Shanren (8)
Oj Tak! - Chlopcy Contra Basia (10)
Wild Goats & Unmarried Women - She'koyokh (13)
Mali Overdrive - Anansy Cisse (18)

Riverboat Records/World Music Network 'is exemplary in releasing new artists' - Songlines

Best-selling Releases Of 2014.... So Far!


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Some Excellent Reviews... 

The Rough Guide to Arabic Jazz: 'This excellent compilation brings together the very best exponents of the genre and heroically saves its tawdry reputation' 5***** - Songlines

Tamburocket Hungarian Fireworks by Söndörgö:  'one of the most nimble bands on the planet... Söndörgo clearly have a respect for tradition combined with a fizzing desire to experiment. Strongly recommended.' 4**** - The Evening Standard

Oj Tak! by Ch?opcy Kontra Basia: 'engaging, dramatic and acrobatic' 4**** - The Guardian

Wild Goats & Unmarried Women by She'Koyokh: 'A hugely enjoyable listen' 4**** - Songlines

The Gnawa Berber by Simo Lagnawi: 'powerful rhythmic grooves' 4****stars - The Evening Standard

The Rough Guide To African Blues 4**** - The Independent on Sunday

Calaita Flamenco Son by Calaita Flamenco Son: 'With this sophisticated mix of alegrias, tangos, a seguiriya and stimulating rumbas and bularias, Calaita Son dances around you, moves you severely and possesses your soul in an instance.' - Mixed World Music

Tiger Run by Sally Nyolo: 'Lovely sound, great feel, luxury all around' - fRoots Magazine

Neva/Harmony by Olcay Bayir: 'Olcay Bayir is a woman whose voice is extraordinary in range and emotional power.' - Shepherd Express