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by World Music Network July 13, 2016


Brand New Vinyl Releases

World Music Network has recently released some fantastic vinyl albums across our our Rough Guide and Riverboat labels.

Söndörgo: Tamburocket Hungarian Fireworks LP

Fast and furious, fingers flying with a fiery panache, Söndörg? are one of the most exciting bands in Europe. With their signature instrument, the tambura, the band brilliantly combines respect for tradition with a desire to innovate and a fizzing virtuosity.

'one of the most nimble bands on the planet... Söndörgo clearly have a respect for tradition combined with a fizzing desire to experiment. Strongly recommended.' 4****stars, The Evening Standard

'the sparkling and ebullient Serbian and Croatian songs and dances would make this a joyous addition to anyone's library' 
5***** Songlines Magazine - Top Of The World

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The Rough Guide To South African Jazz LP

 South African jazz is a pertinent reminder of the intrinsic link between music and the dismantling of oppression. This Rough Guide celebrates the legacy of many of the great players and showcases the wealth of burgeoning jazz talent emerging from the Rainbow Nation.

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The Rough Guide To Barbecue Bob LP

Barbecue Bob was one of the best-selling and most innovative blues artists of the late 1920s before he died at the age of just 29. Undoubtedly some of the most engaging early blues that you are likely to hear, his original and witty compositions had a huge influence on many of the blues greats that followed.

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The Rough Guide To Psychedelic World LP

The psychedelic movement of the 1960s imprinted a kaleidoscopic stamp on musical cultures from across the globe – from the Tropicália artists in Brazil to the Afrobeat groups in West Africa and even the legendary Bollywood composers. Carefully selected from albums in the Rough Guide Psychedelic series, these mind-bending, rebellious and deeply cool grooves create a heady psychedelic brew which is guaranteed to open up new musical doors.

'This sampler is a bountiful taster for World Music Network’s ongoing series of global psychedelic compilations… Savouring the acidic manifestations of varying traditions'  ???? – Songlines Magazine

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