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by World Music Network December 14, 2011


Brazilian World Music Day: 7 September 2012

brazilian world music dayThe ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC), a not-for-profit music archive in partnership with Columbia University, has announced the creation of Brazilian World Music Day (7 September, 2012) and the Brazilian Music Collection. 

This will follow on from the first 'World Music Day' which launched earlier this year, celebrating Islamic music and culture (see www.muslimworldmusicday.com). This online site was accessed by more than 250,000 people worldwide on the initial date and still gets over 2,000 visitors daily. 

Building on this success, Brazilian World Music Day (BWMD) will be an online website to present, promote and explore the rich cultural heritage of Brazilian music of the past, present and future. BWMD will offer videos, histories, seminars, concerts, lectures, sound files, sheet music, album cover art galleries, essays, blogs, photos and links all highlighting the importance and beauty of Brazilian music as well as educate a global audience about it’s many genres and facets.

A major component of BWMD will be the database describing ARC’s Brazilian Music Collection and Brazilian recordings held by all archives and libraries around the world. ARC is already the largest collection of Brazilian music outside of Brazil at more than 5,000 recordings, with plans to expand.

So although it's a long way off, put 7 September in your 2012 diary and get get ready for a worldwide Brazilian invasion!

To get you excited here's one of the World Music Network's favourite Brazilian music videos as of late - 'Super Violao Mashup' by Lucas Santtana.