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by World Music Network July 16, 2012


BT River Of Music : Get Your Tickets!

BT river of music

BT River of Music, a musical spectacle organised as a cultural celebration alongside the Olympic Games will take place on the 21st and 22nd of July. Performances from established, award-winning and emerging artists are spread over six different stages along th eriver Thames in London, representing different continents. What's more, the event is practically free apart from a small booking fee of £3 per tickets. Tickets for different stages were released on a weekly basis, but now all have become available. Like John Peel's record archive, BT River of Music is a project of The Space.

You can not buy tickets on the door, only in advance. Tickets for the Africa Stage (Sunday), Asia Stage and Oceania Stage are stiill available. For a full line up with times to the event click here

ondatropicaMusic fans lucky enough to get hold of tickets for the Americas Stage a few weeks ago, will be in for a treat with the Scissor Sistors headlining on Saturday at the Tower of London. Artists on featuring the stage on Sunday include Aurelio Martinez, Carlhinos Brown and Ondatropica (pictured).

BT rivers of musicThe Africa Stage is located at the heart of Docklands, London Pleasure Gardens. The idea behind the creation of the Pleasure Gardens is a reinvention of a more than 200 year old tradition when pleasure guardens were central to social life in London. The Pleasure Gardens are specially created for the Olympic games, where Africa's greatest starst and emerging artists will see to the stage on 21st and 22nd of July. A confirmed line up for Saturday includes artists such as Angelique Kidjo with the Manchester World Choir, Juju and Baaba Maal. So far the Sunday includes Staff Benda Bililli in collaboration with Zao, The Noisettes, and Krar Collective. who were recently signed to WMN's Riverboat Records.

Kronos QuartetThe Asia stage will be located at Battersea Park, where legendary artists will be performing such as Indian tabla player Zakir Hussain or Bangladeshi singer Sanchita Farruque. Other acts included the Middle Eastern Alif Ensemble fronted by Khyam Allami, and the renowned Kronos Quartet (pictured) who are preforming on both days. WMN is looking forward seeing Bamboo Pearl Orchestra on the 21st of July, put together by Colin Bass who is the producer of WMN's Sambasunda Quintet album Java, Krar Collective and Etran Finatawa) and includes the singer from Sambasunda Quintet.

Frank YammaAt the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, musicians represent their country on the Oceania Stage. One of the acts, Green Fire Islands, certainly arouses curiosity with as the project is a collaboration between traditional Maori musicians from New Zealand and a group of Celtic musicians. Or famous singer/songwriter Frank Yamma (pictured) whose soulful ballads narrate the struggles and hopes of the indigenous Australian people will certainly have an impact on the audience's heart strings. Other artists The Black Arm Band Company and Wantok Music Sing Sing.

Ben lMeanwhile, Artists from all over Europe are divided over stages at both Somerset House and Trafalger Square. Saturday includes great Fado singer Mariza at Somerset House (pictured above), and French Soul singer Ben l'Oncle Soul(pictured) at Trafalger square. Sunday is topped up with acts such as Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra at Somerset House, and piano virtuoso Ludovico Einaudi at Trafalger Square.

Below, a teaser from the Alif Ensemble who are performing at the Asia Stage on Sunday 22/07: