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by World Music Network December 03, 2013


Calaita Flamenco Son: Forthcoming Album Spring 2014

World Music Network is thrilled to announce the forthcoming debut album by Calaita Flamenco Son, whose release is scheduled for Spring 2014 on Riverboat Records.

As the name might tell, flamenco is central to group's performances. However, this is flamenco unlike you've heard before... not only is this due to the unusual set up which includes the saxophone, Calaita Flamenco Son has managed to beautifully capture the duende (flamenco spirit) on record, as well as their lively, spontaneous energy known from their live shows.

Although currently based in Manchester, the majority of the band originates from Spain. The group is fronted by Chico Pere (vocals, rhythm guitar, composer) who comes from a musical family in Seville. Many of his compositions are inspired on life experiences and travels. The rest of the band consists of by Glenn Sharp (guitar, composer), Leo Paredes (percussion), Diana Castro (vocals) and jazz artist Matt Nickson (saxophone, flute). Besides flamenco, the diverse backgrounds of each of these artists is reflected in their forthcoming album, with influences ranging from world music to jazz, funk and soul.

In the last two years, Calaita Flamenco Son have been busy recording, performing all around Europe and brought their unique brand of flamenco back to Spain. They have also been heavily involved in the expansion of the flamenco music scene in Manchester.

Tour dates will be announced soon, but for those who cannot wait, several workshops will be taught by members of the group on 15 December at Flamenco Manchester. Sign up via their website to learn how to play the flamenco cajon, or how to improve your guitar accompaniment!

Here's a little sneak peek of the band, we hope you are just as excited about them as we are!