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by World Music Network April 25, 2014


Calaita Flamenco Son: New Album Out On 28 April!

Calaita Flamenco Son's self-titled debut album is released on 28 April on Riverboat Records. This is flamenco as you have never heard it before. Their vibrant sound presents the passion of traditional flamenco alongside the energy of flamenco rumba and jazz. Calaita’s unique sound is set to soar.

 Calaita Flamenco Son


Grounded in authentic Spanish traditions, Calaita Flamenco Son’s innovative flamenco combines passionate vocals, awe-inspiring guitar virtuosity, intense percussion and jazz-inflected saxophone. Diverse musical influences have infused this stunning debut album with exquisite hidden qualities.

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The group was formed by flamenco singer Chico Pere, guitarist Glenn Sharp and percussionist Leo Paredes. The trio soon expanded to include Diana Castro’s soulful Spanish vocals and Matt Nickson’s jazz-inflected saxophone. Founding members Chico and Glenn composed most of the tracks heard on this beautiful recording. Chico draws inspiration from his childhood experiences in Seville, while Glenn Sharp expands the sound via his multifarious fluency in flamenco, Turkish and Arabic music. Together they create a new brand of flamenco that is full of energy, spontaneity and experimentation, taking this most famous of musical forms in new and exciting directions. This is flamenco at its finest, by a group of artists who have incredibly diverse musical stories. 

Calaita Flamenco Son is the group’s debut release on Riverboat Records and captures the spirit of their dramatic live performance, expressing perfectly Calaita’s mysterious duende spirit. The entire album was recorded intensively over three days at Wavelength Studios in the United Kingdom. The tracks were laid down naturally often without copious retakes, cementing the natural and organic musical feel heard throughout.