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by World Music Network July 03, 2012


Call to Suggestions: A World Of Drinking Songs!

We hope you enjoyed our video playlist for A World Of Sport! After the great suggestions we had from our listeners/readers for A World Of Sport!, we thought we would ask you this time for ideas on World Music Drinking Songs, which, like the previous topic, may be a favourite pastime for some...

We need your suggestions!

If you have a favourite World Music track on the topic of inebriation, please do let us know! You can either post a comment below this article, post a suggestion on our Facebook page, or tweet @WMN_UK 

An example is 'drinking song' on the album Introducing Hanggai. Hanggai is a mongolian folk revival group West African Goldfrom Beijing. Or 'Whiskey Soda' by Bembeya Jazz on the compilation The Rough Guide to West African Gold. Many other drinking songs can be found on WMN blues compilations such as on Bessie Smith's songs 'Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer' or 'Me And My Gin' on The Rough Guide to Blues Legends: Bessie Smith . We are not short of drinking songs on Irish music albums either, eg 'Beer Belly Dancing' on the album Six Days In Downby Bob Brozman, John McSherry and Dónal O’Connor.

Below, an introduction and live performance of the song 'Beer Belly Dancing' by Bob Brozman, John McSherry and Dónal O’Connorat Cafe Oto in London 2010.

We look forward to your suggestions!