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by World Music Network March 28, 2012


Céu Releases New Album: 2 April

Céu, the young Brazilian singer is soon to be releasing her much anticipated new album. Having been described as one of the most sonically adventurous artists in her country today, her numerous road trips have provided inspiration for this latest album. The existential mythology of travel accompanied by strong boho vibes have resulted in Caravana Sereia Bloom(Six Degrees). The album has been widely received as her boldest work to date. The Grammy/Latin Grammy nominated singer has hit the right chords with her laid back attitude and subtle grooves. Of course, the brooding and ambient nature of this latest release is intentional.  

While updating bossa nova and samba has evidently placed Céu in a specified region, she has actually chosen to travel to Brazil's Northeast for yet another heavy dose of inspiration. The post-psychedelia synthesizers and guitar effects are typical sounds from Brazil's Northeast musical scene. By using such sounds in her latest album, she is also paying tribute to modern innovators. Most importantly, it is clear that Céu is developing her own musical identiy. As a product of her time, Céu's sound is highly important to Brazil today. Even though the music itself may be ambient, Céu herself shows no signs of slowing. Caravana Sereia Bloomis an electric yet soothing album that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.