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by World Music Network November 14, 2014


Determine The Order Of The December Audio Chart!

Choose Your 3 Favourite Albums & Determine The Order Of December's Audio Chart...

Check out the ten world music albums that are short-listed for the World Music Network December Audio Chart! What should the order of the chart be? Tell us what your favourites are by listening to the tracks below & voting for your top 3 in the poll at the bottom of the page to influence the order of the December Audio Chart.

Once the results are in, the tracks will be added to our 'World Music Network Audio Chart' playlist on Spotify. Here, you can also listen to last month's results, so follow us on Spotify

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Abelardo Barroso with Orquesta Sensación - Cha Cha Cha

Tony Allen - Film Of Life

Olcay Bayir - Neva/Harmony

Djessou Mory Kanté - River Strings - Maninka Guitar

Amariszi - Nine Balkan Nights

Amparo Sanchez – Espiritu Del Sol

Kasse Mady Diabate - Kirike

Dona Onete – Feitiço Caboclo

Ali Khattab – Sin País

Da Lata - Refab

Now Vote For Your 3 Favourite Albums...

December Audio Chart: Vote For Your Favourite Albums!
Abelardo Barroso with Orquesta Sensación - Cha Cha Cha0%
Tony Allen - Film Of Life0%
Olcay Bayir - Neva/Harmony0%
Djessou Mory Kanté - River Strings - Maninka Guitar0%
Amariszi - Nine Balkan Nights0%
Amparo Sanchez – Espiritu Del Sol0%
Kasse Mady Diabate - Kirike0%
Dona Onete – Feitiço Caboclo0%
Ali Khattab – Sin País0%
Da Lata - Refab0%