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by World Music Network July 27, 2011


Enter the WMN Battle Of The Bands!

Are you are a world music artist/band and want to be in with a chance of working with the World Music Network team to feature on our forthcoming album The Rough Guide To Undiscovered World?Then enter our Battle Of The Bands competition!   

Along with winning a place on the album, a link to your track will get sent to the tens of thousands of people on our mailing lists! AND winners will be considered for other WMN projects!

Our past three winners have been really exciting in their diversity; all voted for by members of the public and the WMN staff. To be in with a chance of joining them, visit the Battle Of The Bands section, post your best original track and build up your profile page with photos and text. Then get networking! Share your competition page on Facebook and Twitter to get more people voting for your track. 

The next winner will be announced on 1 September - so get involved! 

win 1The first winner to be selected back in February was Adeel Saeed Chishti, one of the most promising Qawwali singers in a new generation of devotional musicians. Born in Pakistan but now residing in the UK, his father was the late Qari Mohammed Saeed Chishti, a prolific Sufi singer who was tragically assassinated during a live concert in Pakistan. Since then, Adeel has taken up the mantle, spreading the Sufi messages of peace and understanding around the world. His powerful voice captured the imaginations of the voting public, earning him a slot on Undiscovered World.


amadouNext up was Amadou Diagne with his sweetly sung ‘Senegal’. A professional percussionist, African drummer, guitar player and singer from Dakar Senegal, Amadou comes from a large Griot family of Sabar drummers and praise singers. He was a member of the Senegal National Band for many years, playing with greats such as Yousou N'Dour, Cesaria Evora, and Jimmy Cliff, but was crowned winner of the competition in May going solo. He writes and performs his own songs primarily in the Wolof language, for which he takes as a basis the songs of his Griot tradition. Amadou was so popular the World Music Network are currently working with him to release his album!

choirThe most recent winners announced earlier this month were Choir Invisible: The Desmond & Leah Tutu Peace Choir, who received an overwhelming response to their entry 'Sithi Shwele'. The song is a traditional Zulu church song, from the singing of the Agape Children's Choir, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and had hundreds of positive comments and ratings flooding in.

The group supports the Archbishop's work for peace around the world, raising funds and performing their unique repertoire: songs of hope created to bring people together in the African spirit of 'Ubuntu', recognising our common humanity. They are hugely talented singers, so no surprise they grabbed the hearts of the voters!

Listen to the winning song, 'Sithi Shwele'