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by World Music Network December 05, 2012


Exclusive Offer: Krar Collective + Free Rough Guide To Ethiopia

2012 has been a bumper year for Riverboat Records (World Music Network's artist label). With six key releases heading up the batch, we have ricocheted across the globe this year featuring releases from Indonesia, Lesotho, Ghana, Ethiopia via London, Greece, Palestine and Niger.

Our star release was undoubtedly the excellent debut album by London-based Ethiopian band, Krar Collective. The unstoppable trio, dubbed ‘the White Stripes of Ethiopia’ for their minimalist rocky sound, are favourites on the London and increasingly on the international live circuit. They are renowned for dynamic performances of their contagious music and equally infectious dance moves. 

'one of the most rousing, reliable new African bands of the year' The Guardian

Exclusive Offer: Purchase Krar Collective - Ethiopia Super Krar & Receive FREE CD

In the festive spirit we are happy to extend an exclusive Riverboat Records offer to our customers on our 'Album Of The Year'.

Purchase any physical copy of the CD (£8.99/$14.98) or Vinyl (£10.99/$16.98) album at the promotional discounted priceand you will receive a complementary Rough Guide To The Music Of Ethiopia absolutely free! Just purchase the album as normal via our store and we will do the rest.

This offer ends on 31 December 2012, so make sure to take advantage of it before the new year!

Krar Collective: Ethiopia Super Krar

 Krar Collective serve up mind-blowing Ethiopian grooves on this excellent debut. Armed with their krar, kebero drums and stunning vocals, they have created Ethiopia Super Krar– an album rooted in tradition, and soaked with attitude. 

Listen/Buy The Full Album (£8.99)
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Buy this Riverboat Records release and recieve a FREE The Rough Guide To The Music Of Ethiopia (RGNET1286)

The Rough Guide To Ethiopia 


This Rough Guide bursts at the seams with everything from golden age Ethio-jazz to contemporary dub fusion. Classic tunes from Mahmoud Ahmed and Alemayehu Eshete appear alongside Krar Collective, Dub Colossus and more.

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