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by World Music Network July 25, 2011


Free Download taken from The Rough Guide To Sufi Music

Free Download: 
'Dilkabate Tin Daraja' by Noor Alam 


'Dilkabate Tin Daraja' is an enchanting track featuring the powerful vocals of Noor Alam, one of the Sufi Fakirs Of Bengal. Taken from the bonus CD The Rough Guide To Sufi Fakirs Of Bengal , it provides a perfect taster of sounds to be found on the new album, The Rough Guide To Sufi Musiccompiled by WIlliam Dalrymple. 

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The Rough Guide To Sufi Music 
Passionate and ecstatic, spiritual and entrancing, Sufi music acts as a uniquely valuable bridge between East and West reflecting the most accessible, liberal and pluralistic aspects of Islam. Curated by best-selling author William Dalrymple, this Rough Guide takes you on a journey from the traditional dervish and qawwali forms to explore the modern innovators inspired by the spirit of Sufism.

Bonus CD: Sufi Fakirs Of Bengal 
The bonus CD presents The Rough Guide To Sufi Fakirs of Bengal. The music on this album has not been released outside of India until now.

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