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by World Music Network January 28, 2013


Free Track: Monoswezi - The Village

World Music Network are proud to present the release of the hypnotic album The Villageby Scandinavian-African adventurers Monoswezi.

Download a free track from this album here.

The Village is a collection of rearranged Zimbabwean traditional songs blended with a cool Nordic edge. What the band prize about Zimbabwean music is its inherent openness, a quality that shares much with that fresh airy feel inherent in the Scandinavian jazz sound.

'Monoswezi are a hypnotic blend of Norway and Zimbabwe', David Honigman - Financial Times.

Introducing Ruivao

Monoswezi - The Village

Monosweszi’s music sounds fresh and wide-open; traits that owe to the band’s marvellously multi-cultural inspirations. Expect gentle mbira, looping percussion, memorable sung melodies, and subtle saxophone. 

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Creatively Monoswezi carve a musical link that not only sounds entirely new, but crosses the oceans, eschews politics and embraces wholeheartedly the values of cross-cultural collaboration. With members hailing from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Norway and Sweden the boundary-crossing band’s sound is entirely unique. Articulated mbira rings out atop colourful woodwind and the gentle rhythm section.

Check out this video of Monoswezi's quirky cool sounds on this collection. With this, their debut release the Monoswezi brand is set to expand even further afield, and who knows where their next experiment could take this back-bendingly flexible band…

Download a free track from this album here.