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by World Music Network January 12, 2016


Gift Vouchers Available Now!

Save yourself the stress of hunting through our expansive catalogue for the perfect birthday present in 2016. Not only do holders of our new gift vouchers receive the joy that comes with great world music, they also get the excitement of exploring the unknown and choosing, for themselves, the albums and compilations that take them away to their personal happy place.  

For those fortunate enough to receive a gift voucher, a great place to start your journey is with our ‘Top Releases of 2015’ feature. Here you’ll find several ‘Rough Guide’s’ to genre’s like “Psychedelic Samba”, “African Rare Groove”, “Latin Disco” and even “The Best Arab Music You’ve Never Heard”, which make perfect travel companions - whether travelling via plane, or your imagination!

Know someone longing to Samba in Brazil?

Or experiece the Middle East? 

For more details on security, printing and redeeming your voucher head here. To purchase a one-off, commitment-free gift voucher, just keep an eye out for this button: