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by World Music Network June 14, 2011


Great Value Subscriptions For USA Customers: Two Rough Guide CDs for $9.98* per month

Discover A World Of Music for $9.98 per month  

As one famous songwriter wisely said, 'The Times They Are a-changin'. Well, they certainly are and so too is the way we consume music. Dusty afternoons spent thumbing through the racks at record shops are sadly fast becoming a thing of the past. But there is hope yet; World Music Network's subscription service provides a pratical and affordable way to deliver you a fantastic range of Rough Guide music each month. There is also a digital downaload option, which means that you pay no shipping and are eco-friendly. And now we have launched dollar pricing so customers in the US can take full advantage of this brilliant offer. 

By subscribing to the subscription service, not only will you be able to feast your ears upon some fantastic music, but you will also be supporting the music industry at a dangerous time. Your custom gives us a solid base on which to continue bringing new music to your ears!

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Build your own extensive collection of world music with the critically acclaimed Rough Guide music series and save over 65% on the regular retail price. Your subscription enables us to keep investing in new music projects around the world.

There are three subscription options available, allowing you the flexibility to choose how you want to explore the world of music.

Click on the subscription options below to find out more:

Digital Download Subscription

The eco friendly option with zero shipping charges worldwide! Receive two digital download albums each month for £5.97 / $9.98.

Custom CD Subscription

For £5.97 / $9.98* plus shipping, select the two Rough Guide CDs that you would like to receive each month. 

Standard CD Subscription

For a varied listening experience, select the standard CD subscription to receive two Rough Guide albums each month for £5.97 / $9.98* plus shipping. Do let us know if you already have any Rough Guide albums and we will make sure to send you something new.

'stick to the reliable Rough Guide series' The Guardian 

'this is becoming one of the best musical experiences of my life' Daniel Smetana, subscriber