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by World Music Network April 16, 2012


Introducing Sufi Fakirs Of Bengal Available Digitally

World Music Network are proud to announce that Introducing Sufi Fakirs of Bengal (Digital Only) is now available digitally. This new release is available with the subscription to World Music Network or can be enjoyed as a one-off!

Introducing Sufi Fakirs of Bengal

Introducing Sufi Fakirs of BengalThe Bauls and Fakirsare wandering minstrels who sing about love, humanity and devotion. Their tradition belongs to a rich and vibrant folk heritage found in Bengal Sufi life. Having emerged in the seventeenth century, Sufism together with Hindu Bkakti movements have highly influenced their philosophy. The music represents bonds of humanism and brotherhood by celebrating life and nature. Evidently, it is highly important in a society affected by superstitions, caste divisions and religious intolerances. This is first time that the music has been digitally available outside of India, allowing a unique insight into the extraordinary world of the Sufi Fakirs. 

This compilation includes renowned Sufi Fakir performers such as Noor Alamand Akkas Fakir, both singers from the Gorbhanga village in Nadia district in West Bengal. Golam Fakiris a singer and Dotara player - an instrument much associated with the musical culture of the Bengali people and highly favoured by the Baul. Babu Fakirspecializes in Qawwali and Baul/Fakiri songs. Arman Fakir is one of the most senior and highly renowned Fakiri singers residing in Gorbhanga village of Nadia district. He is renowned for his unique renditions of Bangla Qawwali and holding an extensive repertoire of songs. Arati Biswasis one of the few renowned female Baul singers from Ghurni village of Krishnanagar-I Block of Nadia district in West Bengal. 

The music is intoxicating and blissful in mood, with layers of lute, flute, percussion and vocals perfectly blending together. A rotating cast of exceptional singers bring variety to the arrangements. The music is soaked in joyful and mystical spirituality that is sure to ignite interest in each and every listener.