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by World Music Network August 19, 2015


John Renbourn's Album Of Unreleased Recordings... Coming Soon

Riverboat Records and World Music Network are delighted to announce the forthcoming album by John Renbourn on 16 October 2015.

Lovingly remastered from a series of long lost tapes dating back to the early 1960s, The Attic Tapes, is a vintage collection of previously unreleased recordings and early works by John Renbourn, one of guitar music’s truly great innovators. Due for release by Riverboat Records on 16th October 2015, The Attic Tapes  represents in John’s own words, “what was happening to me at the time and a reflection of the general scene”  These recordings were made in the two or three years before his first ever official release for Transatlantic Records, released in February 1966.

The 20 tracks include many true classics, all brilliantly performed and with particular care taken over the sound quality despite the rudimentary sources. There are a number of songs written by Renbourn (‘Judy’, ‘Plainsong’) alongside his unique interpretations of classic tracks which remained in his set throughout his life (‘Candyman’, ‘Can’t Keep From Crying’, ‘Come Back Baby’) plus others written by his contemporaries including Jackson C Frank’s ‘Blues Run the Game’ and Davy Graham’s ‘Anji’. This latter is a particular find: “What’s curious is that the date on the tape box is 1962,” says Renbourn in his notes, “which would make it a very early recording of Davy Graham’s classic….”  Renbourn had first heard ‘Anji’ via his friend and guitarist Mac MacLeod; it was MacLeod who discovered the tape box in his attic, which began the chain of events and further discoveries that led to this invaluable new collection.

Listen to a sneak peek below...