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by World Music Network August 15, 2012


Kimmo Pohjonen: Documentary Screenings

The award winning documentary film about Kimmo Pohjonen, entitled Soundbreaker, will be screened at WOMEX 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece on October 18 at 3:45. Directed by Kimmo Koskela, produced by Kimmo Koskela and Klaus Heydemann. Kimmo Pohjonen is featured in the album The Rough Guide To The Music Of Scandinavia


Kimmo Pohjonen's Soundbreaker

Kimmo Pohjonen is Finland's most daring accordionist who breaks the sound barriers of contemporary music film making. Sounds of animals and machines explode from his instrument. Adding his voice and string instruments, he bridges the gap between experimental, folk and classical genres. The cinematography and drama convey his distinctive Scandinavian viewpoint. 

More Soundbreakerscreenings take place this year at: 

July 4: La Rochelle International Documentary Festival , France
July 20-25: Guanajuato Film Festival, Mexico 
Aug 17-24: EBS International Documentary Festival, South Korea
Sept 20-25: Kiev International Film Festival, Ukraine  
Sept 27-Oct 12: Vancouver International Flm Festival, Canada
Oct 12-21: Warsaw Film Festival, Poland, in competition  
Oct 13-17: International Television Festival Golden, Prague, Czech Republic 
Oct 18: Thessaloniki, Greece – WOMEX 
Oct 21-26: Nordisk Panorama, Oulu Finland
Dec 9-16: Dubai International Film Festival 

Here is the trailer for Pohjonen's documentary Soundbreaker

Pohjonen, Alanko & Kela perform at Helsinki Festival

Kimmo Pohjonen, Finnish musician Ismo Alanko and dancer Reijo Kela will perform on Aug 23 in Senaatintori as part the Helsinki Festival as the Rämsöön Moottorimiehet (“Rämsöö Motor Men”).  The performance is a version of their Moottorimagiaa show at the Motor Music Festival in Rämsöö in 2011. 

Click on this link Kimmo Pohjonen Concerts for more information on past and upcoming concerts.

'Pulverising avalanche of dark, primeval, sonic theatre’
(Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Festival 2008 review of live performance)


The Rough Guide To The Music of ScandinaviaFinnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen’s track ‘Sarma’ is featured on The Rough Guide to the Music of Scandinavia. This track also includes percussionist Samuli Kosminen and one of the most celebrated groups of our time, Kronos Quartet.

Kimmo Pohjonen collaborates with sampling masters: Samuli Kosminen ( also known from the Icelandic band MuM) or Juuso Hannukainen. The duo takes accordion music to new territories. Kosminen and Hannukainen produce samples from Pohjonen’s accordion. They create a percussive voice for the accordion by combining electronic drum pads with Pohjonen’s accordion voice, live loops, effects and surround sound. The musical product has multi dimensional layers and has been described ‘like being inside an accordion tornado.’

Kronos  Quartet’s musical directior David Harrington heard the Kimmo Pohjonen Klusterduo recordings and approached Pohjonen with the idea of a possible collaboration which began in 2002. Their meetings started in Latvia, following their first rehearsal at the Kronos space in San Fransisco in 2003 and their second set of rehearsals in Helsinki in 2004. The world premier of their collaboration occurred in Helsinki at the Helsinki Festival with an additional concert that year in Moscow at the MDM Youth Palace.

The Kimmo Pohjonen Kluster and Kronos Quartet project is a sonic and visual adventure. They create unique sounds from accordion and string samples. 

Check out this YouTube video featuring Kimmo Pohjonen and Kronos Quartet performing 'Sarma', track nine on The Rough Guide To The Music Of Scandinavia.