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by World Music Network July 11, 2011


Kutiman: Thru Jerusalem

kutimanIsrael-based video artist, producer and musician Ophir Kutiel, a.k.a. Kutiman, became an internet sensation in 2009 with his experimental compositional project ThruYou, in which he brought together a series of unconnected YouTube videos to form an innovative musical mashup that instantly went viral. His work racked up millions of YouTube views and made it onto Time Magazine's 'Fifty Best Inventions Of 2009' list.

His new project, Thru Jerusalem, was created specifically in conjuction with the Jerusalem Season of Culture, of which Kutiman  was the chosen artist of the season. Here he brings together a collage of footage of local musicians from Jerusalem who were recorded separately by Kutiman on the streets, in apartments, behind cafes, and in local studios. With up to a dozen instruments mixed together at one time, the video, released online last month, is a testament to Kutiman's masterful ear for music and incredible production ability. 
Among the artists appearing in the video are musicians such as blues star Lazer Lloyd (who after a short visit to a rabbi changed his life completely despite being signed by Atlantic Records), Guy Mar from HaDag Nahash(an Israeli hip hop outfit), Safi Suede - one of the most important Kanun players in the world; the ultimate marching band - Marsh Donderma, Emanuel Wizthum on the viola, and a few dozen musicians of different ages, different ethnic backgrounds and who play different instruments, but all of which derive from the city. With Kutiman's help, the result is an innovative, contemporay interpretation of the thriving musical milieu of an ancient city.