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by World Music Network September 22, 2010


Latest Rough Guide Albums - Bollywood & Flamenco Dance

27 September sees the release of two fantastic new Rough Guides - Bollywood & Flamenco Dance

The Rough Guide To Bollywood (Second Edition)

Film remains king in India where Bombay’s vast commercial Hindi-language cinema is bursting with glamour and high drama, from tear-jerking storylines to complicated love trysts, all set to gloriously vibrant Bollywood musical grooves. The Rough Guide To Bollywood features classics with unexpected twists and stylistic surprises that captivate and live long in the memory.

Featuring a bonus behind-the-scenes documentary DVD

The Rough Guide To Flamenco Dance

Adored the world over, flamenco dance is a passionate and expressive art form originating in Spain. A vibrant living tradition grounded in the gypsy roots of Andalusian flamenco culture, it combines song, guitar and dance in one compelling movement.

Featuring a bonus CD by Eduardo Niebla