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by World Music Network August 17, 2011


Mark Coles: 'World of Music' show continues, in a shed!

mark colesIf you shared our dismay in hearing that the BBC World Service had axed one of their best music programmes - 'World of Music' - then never fear! Ex-presenter Mark Coles has taken up the mantle himself and has rejuvinated the show... from a studio in his garden shed!

After over twenty years on the air, listeners heard the final ever broadcast of the show, presented by Coles, in late March. 

Now he returns to the airwaves with a brand new programme - 'The Shed: A Whole New World of Music', which can be streamed online. He notes “the new show is a back to basics approach after the high-tech studio approach of the BBC. It’s deliberate, I love the informality recording in a shed brings. It seems to suit the music. Those listening seem to like the concept too… ‘the new pirate radio,’ ‘the start of a broadcasting revolution’ have been just a couple of the reactions so far.”

The new show is in its early stages, but has been warmly received. We'll certainly be tuning in!

Listen now.