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by World Music Network February 20, 2012


Martyn Bennett Remastered Album Released in March

Martyn Bennett was a Scottish musician who was highly influential in the evolution of modern Celtic fusion, blending traditional Celtic and modern music. As one of Scotland's most revered young musicians, Bennett caused anxious and celebratory narratives with his music. He undoubtedly caused a sensation in British folk music over the years as he mixed Scottish bagpipe and fiddle music with techno beats. Bennett struggled with cancer throughout his adult life and recorded his final, and most remarkable work, Grit, in 2003. Here he sampled the voices of Scottish travellers from the 1950s, building a sound collage around them to extraordinary effect.

Bennett states, 'I don't really know how Grit happened, it just did. I was trying to keep myself alive and survive something really horrible, and writing music was quite a good way of focusing on it'.

AYEThe celebrated musician died of cancer aged 33 in 2005. His fans are eagerly awaiting the release of a new remastered album, AYEin March 2012. After several years in the making a new compilation of Martyn's music that features some of Martyn's best loved tunes plus previously unreleased tracks. Additionally in conjunction with the release of AYE, Martyn's magnificent composition Mackay's Memoirs, performed at the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, will be made available for digital download.