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by World Music Network May 22, 2011


Mick Jagger Forms New Band: Super Heavy

Rolling Stones front man, Mick Jagger has confirmed rumours that he has formed a new band called Super Heavy. The five-piece is completed by Jagger himself, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, AH Rahman and Damian Marley. The group plan to release their debut album, ‘Fusion’ in September 2011.

Indeed fusion seems to be the name of the game for Super Heavy. The band mates are a diverse bunch. Mick Jagger has headed up the Rolling Stones and delivered bluesy rock and roll for the last fifty years. Joss Stone is an English soul singer with a distinctly retro style. Dave Stewart is one half of pop rock duo, The Eurythmics. AH Rahman is an award winning Indian film composer whose score for the film Slumdog Millionare enjoyed much international acclaim. Damian Marley, son of Bob himself, mashes dancehall and reggae together in his signature blend.

The group was Dave Stewart’s idea. Inspired by the overlapping noise of different sound systems heard from his home in Jamaica, he put in a call to Mick and promptly organised the jam sessions that spawned Super Heavy. The band have no concrete plans to tour, but have not ruled it out as a possibility.

In interview Mick Jagger has marked out the band as definitively not “world music”. He claimed, Super Heavy would not be ‘a WOMAD festival kind of thing’. He added ‘It’s a much more accessible style, a lot of dancey things’. Judging by the mainstream and high budget talent in the group Mick’s distinction may be valid. Perhaps Super Heavy are more likely to stride out on to the Glastonbury main-stage that at WOMAD. Whatever you want to call it, Super Heavy looks set to be an interesting experiment that concocts together a variety of music’s from across the globe.

Super Heavy