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by World Music Network February 03, 2015


Music Freedom Day: 3 March 2015

Did you know it is Music Freedom Day? Today, Freedom of musical expression is celebrated and discussed in countries all over the world. The international day has been initiated by Freemuse in 2007. Since then, over a hundred partners in 36 countries have joined to celebrate the freedom to create and to play music without intimidation or persecution. Musicians and composers rights’ to freedom of expression are violated worldwide, but the strong support for Music Freedom Day every year demonstrates the will to continue the advocacy and defence for the universal rights to compose, perform and take part in musical expressions.


Music Freedom Day is a powerful, united manifestation to support persecuted, prosecuted and imprisoned musicians, many of whose only crime has only been that they have spoken up against authorities and insisted on the right to express themselves through their music. The day is marked with events, seminars, exhibitions, film shows, radio programmes and newspaper articles on the subject of freedom of expression for musicians. This year, registered events are happening in Catalunya, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Pakistan, Senegal, United Kingdom, USA, Zimbabwe. Find out more information about these events here. 

World Music Network is also committed to support freedom of musical expression. Recently, the Rough Guide to the Music Without Frontiers was released in association with Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization. The stateless often face enormous obstacles, frequently being denied basic political and economic rights, the freedom to travel, the ability to have their children learn in their native language in school among others.

The Rough Guide To Music Without Frontiers: UNPO

UNPOUnrepresented and stateless peoples produce some of the world’s greatest music – music without frontiers. Produced in association with the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), this Rough Guide celebrates the remarkable and diverse music of the indigenous peoples and minorities living in unrecognised or occupied territories around the world.

Listen to the album or order it here


'Jama Ko' by Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba is a cry for tolerance and peace, and celebrates the open spirit of Mali. The song is featured on the Rough Guide To Mali


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