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by World Music Network August 30, 2011


New Album by Samba Touré - Download FREE Track

samba toureSamba Touréis the Malian guitarist, vocalist and composer whose African blues style invokes the spirit of the legendary Ali Farka Touré. Recorded in Bamako, 'Crocodile Blues' is Samba Touré’s second international release and a giant leap forward for the Malian bluesman.

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Crocodile Blues will be released worldwide on 30 August, 2011

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to download a copy of the track 'Alabina' from the forthcoming Crocodile Blues.

oumouHis carefully crafted compositions demonstrate his own style, through his use of a variety of colours, languages, rhythms and feelings. Many of the songs represent different ethnicities and regions, as Samba sings for peace and unity in Mali.

The album includes the track 'Moussoya' featuring special guest vocalist Oumou Sangaré, also from Mali. Her powerful voice is renowned for tackling issues of women's rights, and in her partnership with Samba, they celebrate all the great women who have worked tirelessly to develop modern Mali since independence in 1960. Samba recounts how both a man and a country are nothing without women. Oumou lives up to this mighty reputation, and her influence extends beyond music - she is also a business woman and, among other ventures, owns her own hotel in Mali.

Also featured on the album is longtime friend and bandmate Baba Simaga, who played in Samba’s earlier band, Farafina Lolo. On this project he lends his hand to recording, production and playing bass. For Samba, working with Baba is like working with family. Also part of the recording was Oumar Touré, the longtime congas player for Ali Farka Touré. Bouri Séré grew up playing modern drums, but left the instrument in order to concentrate on the calabash for a more authentic sonraï sound, while the youngest member of the band, Djimé Sissoko, plays ngoni and tamani (talking drum) and, despite his age, is one of the greatest tamani players in Bamako.

With these musicians, Samba has created an album of relaxed beauty and plenty of heart. He remains a man of great friendship and fidelity. He sings songs of tribute to close friends, as well as songs of love to his wife and dedications to children and their mothers.

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Crocodile Blues is released worldwide on 30 August, 2011