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by World Music Network November 07, 2012


New Album Release - Arabian Soundscapes: Paul Cheneour & Glenn Sharp

Arabian Soundscapes  Volume One  is beautifully atmospheric transporting the listener across calm eastern deserts to bustling bazaars. 

Arabian Soundscapes  Vol.One is the first of a new series of albums composed and produced by Glenn Sharp. This album features soloist Paul Cheneour who performs on various flutes and neys. Originally this was conceived as an album of production music for film and TV. 

World-class artists, Paul Cheneour and Glenn Sharp, are members of the Jadid Ensemble with artists Olivia Moore (violin), Adam Warne (percussion) and Gavin Barras (double bass) performing the sensual track 'Sigh Of The Moor' in World Music Network's The Rough Guide To Undiscovered WorldSigh Of The Moor is also the name of Jadid Ensemble's debut album written and produced by Glenn Sharp. It takes the listener across an atmospheric journey from Spain to the Middle East. The album features an exciting selection of instruments such as the flamenco guitar, oud, Turkish saz, violin, Middle-Eastern percussion, flutes, neys and mizmars

The Rough Guide To Undiscovered World

The Rough Guide To Undiscovered World 

This excellently eccentric Rough Guide is a whistle-stop tour of wild world music. The majority of music here is previously un-released, so you won’t hear this anywhere else, and it’s not worth missing. Enjoy everything from a trio of Romanian harmonica enthusiasts to a Zimbabwean-Brazilian jazz project, and more.

'a richly varied set of sounds' - Songlines


Paul Cheneour is a multi-talented flautist and composer who trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama under Professor Rainer Schuelein. He has 38 CD albums to his credit published by Northstar Music UK including EMMA award winning Sixth Happiness and Hideous Kinky.  He has recorded new CDs Space ‘N Time, Sound Sketches (solo flutes ) and Sound Sculptures with Richard Bundy. Paul has performed professionally around the world to critical acclaim. He has been part of many wonderful collaborations and projects celebrating classical music, jazz, fusion, Arabic and Indian music. Paul's use of a variety of flutes and neys results in his 'pan culture' and 'world fusion' style.  His various collaborations include artists Melissa Holding, Dilly Meah, Dominic Glynn, Oscar Gonzalez, Kevin Sterchi, Olley Gillespie, Achim Fischer, Olly Blanchflower, George Hadjineophytou and Richard Bundy (Maquenzie)

Paul is also a member of London's  Zen Bicycle Band performing on a diverse ethnic selection of flutes, neys, duduk and siblisi. Clive Fletcher is the group's double bassist,  electric upright bass and bass guitarist alongside Dave Robinson on a variety of percussion. Click this link to find out more about Paul Cheneour's album collection. 

'Collaboration means a willingness to adapt to and be sympathetic to other people's styles. One can delight in another's person's ideas, ones you've never even dreamed of yourself and to, embrace them positively. It allows the creation of something greater than the sum total of the parts.'- Paul Cheneour. 

Click here to read about Paul Cheneour's upcoming concerts with Zen Bicycle Band.

Glenn Sharp’s recent performances include flamenco, Latin, Arabic and African music. He has worked as a session guitarist and has been  a producer of world music for many years. He studied classical guitar at Dartington College of Arts and popular music and production at Salford University and has received tuition from Nizar Rohana (oud) and Francisco Morales (flamenco guitar). Glenn plays all styles of guitar but specialises in flamenco, Spanish classical and world music. He is also multi-talented playing many other string instruments including oud, baglama, cumbus and cura saz, charango and bouzouki

Glenn is the guitarist for flamenco group Calaita with singer Chico Pere and has toured with numerous world-music artists including Nitin Sawhney and Aref Durvesh. His collaborations include musicians from Nigeria, Sudan, India, Spain, Palestine and Egypt. His current projects include Jadid Ensemble, Calaita, Guy Schalom's 'Baladi Blues Ensemble' and Giuliano Modarelli as well as an extensive library of music for media, film and television. Recent composition work includes Spanish guitar pieces for the 'Peninsular Campaign', from the Ivor Novello award winning soundtrack Napoleon Total War and the 2012 international TV campaign for Ecuador Tourism.  Click this link to find out more about Glenn Sharp's album collection.

Click here to read about Glenn Sharp's upcoming concerts at Ancient Worlds Exhibition, a concert with Nizar Rohana and Calaita Flamenco Son.

Check out Arabian Soundscapes Vol.One Showreel:

Have a look at the diverse Jadid Ensemble performing 'Sigh Of The Moor' featured on World Music Network's The Rough Guide To Undiscovered World.