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by World Music Network August 28, 2012


New Album:Staff Benda Bilili - Bouger Le Monde

In September 2012 Staff Benda Bilili's new album called Bouger Le Monde will be released. 

One of the most inspiring groups of the global music scene will soon be releasing their new album Bouger Le Monde,which translates in English as, 'Make the World Shake'. 

Four of the core members of the group are paraplegic and were street musicians when they formed. They lived on the streets of Kinshasa during the time the group formed and rehearsed in the half abandoned city zoo. Staff Benda Bilili conquered worldwide audiences with their relentless musical energy and optimism.Their debut album ' Très Très Fort' made them one the most emblematic African bands around and shows triumph over adversity.  



Have a listen to The Rough Guide To African Roots Revival to hear more music from this Congolese band and other similar artists. In this album ensembles such as Staff Benda Bilili and Bedouin Jerry Can Band infuse traditional sounds with the modern by using cleverly homemade instruments from junk yard materials. 

The album Bouger Le Monde is rooted around rumba grooves, overlaid with colourful vocals and extraordinary tin-can guitar solos. It was recorded in Kinshasa and contains eleven superb songs featuring new and returning band members. 

According to Staff Benda Bilili their new album refers to three key ideas:

1) They wish to modestly contribute to changing the world through their music and their attitude.
2) Their will to help their local community.
3) Their firm intention to get their audience up on their feet and dancing.  

Their goal in making music is to help support disabled people and homeless children, and getting them homes, a good education and jobs so that they can support themselves. Staff Benda Bilili are founding a school which will give people of their local community professional tuition and a chance to learn useful skills; mechanics, carpentry, music and computer science. 

The living conditions of Staff Benda Bilili's group members have changed due to their musical success. The musicians still live in Kinshasa and each member of the group now has a house or is building one, they have new motorbikes and can send their children to school. Most importantly the group states that they would not move anywhere on earth except Kinshasa because they have a strong connection to their community, their home.

Watch this track from their new album Bouger Le Mondeand look out for the virtuosic lute made from a tin can, also known as the satonge.