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by World Music Network July 09, 2012


New Digital Album: Introducing Invisible System

The 9th of July sees a new 'Introducing' album; Introducing Invisible System, a project led by highly acclaimed producer Dan Harper and the result of many international - Ethiopian in particular- collaborations. The production process will make Invisible Systemyou have to rethink your preconceptions on Ethiopian music; through sampling, effects, the use of electronics, the album shape-shifts through a variety of musical styles - from reggae to jazz to post punk- with an ever present Ethiopian edge.

Introducing Invisible System is a promising release; previous albums by Invisible System received fantastic reviews and accolades by the media such as from The Financial Times, The New York Times, World Music Central, FRoots and Songlines. Fans are in for a treat; some of Invisible System's best tracks feature on Introducing Invisible System, alongside brand new material.

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Invisible System was created when Dan Harper (pictured right) resided in Ethiopia where he met various artists by chance. Some of the collaborators include Justin Adams, also known for his work with Juju, Mahmoud Ahmed, Samuel Yirga, Tsedenia Gebre Markos and SintayehuDan Harper'Mimi' Zenebe. Each artist contributes their own talent to the project, which is united in a cohesive piece of art through Dan's expert production.

Highlights on the album include the pulsating track ‘Closer To The Edge’, complete with constant hand-claps, string accompaniment and upbeat call and response vocals. ‘Oumabetty’ opens with a traditional-sounding Ethiopian group vocal underpinned by ambient reverberating bass. Soon the track is enveloped by an epic psychedelic-free-jazz atmosphere complete with cascading sax lines, delayed vocals and electronic ornamentation. 

Below, a music video from Invisible System's debut album Puntwhich was made in Ethiopia. The track is called 'Gondar' and features Ed Wynne from the Ozric Tentacles.The latter also features on Introducing Invisible System.