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by World Music Network June 15, 2012


New Release by Kristi Stassinopoulou and Stathis Kalyviotis - Greekadelia

WMN and Riverboat Records is pleased to announce its latest release on 18 June: Greekadelia, a follow up by Kristi Stassinopoulou and Stathis Kalyviotis on The Secrets of the Rocks which topped the European World Music Chart for five consecutive months. Greekadelia is a truly original take on Greek folk music, which shape-shifts, twists and turns its listeners’ expectations, and plunges them deep into a new world of expression, characteristics more commonly attributed to psychedelic and experimental music.

Kristi and Stathis The duo are well known in Greece's experimental folk scene. Greekadeliafeatures Kristi's haunting vocals, acoustic guitar, Indian harmonium, frame drums and small percussion. While Stathis plays guitar, saz, laouto, bass, baglamas, keyboards, groove sampler and percussion, making for a mesmerising live act.

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As each track is inspired by a different Greek island or region; the album takes the listener on a journey throughout the country, highlighting different styles of demotika and some rebetika combined with electronic greekadeliasamples and instruments foreign to Greece such as the Indian harmonium. The sampled recording of a captain announcing his boat’s arrival at an island, announces the beginning of the musical voyage with ‘Matia San Kai Ta Dika Sou’. ‘Halassia Mou’ is a song from the north western region of Epirus, the speaker yearns for their absent beloved: ‘My blue-eyed one, you’ve been away for so many years.’ The music is meditative, with a low drone anchored below a gentle, rippling interplay between lauto and percussion.

The album launch will be presented by fRoots magazine on the 24th of July at The Green Note in Camden. As Greekadelia was recorded to capture the intimacy of the duo's live performances, the cosy venue is the ideal location for Kristi and Stathis to present their new material.

 A live permance by the Greek duo: