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by World Music Network August 21, 2012


New Release: Introducing Bio Ritmo - Stream Free Track

On Monday 20 April World Music Network proudly released Introducing Bio Ritmo,an exclusive and hot salsa album straight from the source. Introducing Bio Ritmois a digital download only release which can be purchased straight from our store,

Introducing Bio Rimo (INTRO124DD)

Introducing Bio Ritmo (INTRO124DD)

Bio Ritmo are single-handedly reviving the spirit of experimentation in salsa. Committed not just to paying tribute to, but also to reinventing their beloved salsa dura, their original brand sets them apart from other artists. Introducing Bio Ritmo provides a handpicked overview of the band’s illustrious career so far. Enjoy their first ever single alongside an exclusive and previously un-released track, ‘La Muralla’. This is hot and spicy salsa, fresh from the pot. 

Introducing Bio Ritmo is the perfect introduction to this fantastic band. Famous in their hometown of Richmond, Viriginia, this album represents Bio Ritmo's ascension to international acclaim. 

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'Welcome to the jazzy, funky, multicultural, surrealistic universe of one of the world’s outstanding Latin bands'.
Global A Go-Go 2012

The members of Bio Ritmo's large line-up all bring different flavours to the table resulting in one fabulously funky and eclectic mix. Alongside the anchorings salsa dura vibes, don't be surprised to hear them sneaking in an afrobeat coda or a leap to samba and soul references. Their individual sound is different from the stale stiff salsa of yore and is the result of a dynamic young troupe of creative artists determined to spread their swinging salsa sounds worldwide.