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by World Music Network May 21, 2012


New release: Introducing Kardemimmit (Digital Only)

KardemimmitThe latest album by the Finnish quartet is now available to download. Enjoy the angelic voices of Kardemimmit in close harmony, interwoven with the sensitive sounds of their accompanying Kantales, a zither that also happens to beFinland’s national intstrument. The four girlshave put a modern spin on old Finnish instrumental and vocal folk traditions, reworking these with a fresh approach and their own compositions.The four musicians met at a music school over ten years ago and have since then been performing all over Scandanavia and the USA. 


As their first international release, Introducing Kardemimmit, is set to spread their delicate folky signature style further afield.The kantele, in most countries nowadays viewed as unusual and ancientinstruments, is oftencompared to the harp due to the similarity in sound and romantic depictions in art, but is however most closely related to Russian and Baltic zithers.The Finnish zither, whose origins are likely to be over 2000 years old, comes in various sizes and the group often performs with at least one large kantele which functions as a

Kardemimmit in the snowbass.Especially the art of the small and simple versions was heading towards extinction in the late 20th century when new instruments became more popular. These days there as been a revival of which Kardemimmitare part; Kanteles are being miked-up at concerts and all four musicians study music with the kantele as their first instrument. Introducing Kardemimmitis will push the recent revival of the kantele to the next level.

“Kardemimmit have successfully opened my eyes to a brave and fabulous new world, frosty at the edges, but log-fire-warm at its heart”Preview by Neil Edwards, Musika 27/04.

Here is a video of Kardemimmit’s live performance of ‘Huoleton Rakkaus’, a carefree love song: