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by World Music Network May 16, 2012


New Release: Introducing Vitor Ramil & Marcos Suzano

Vitor & MarcosIntroducing Vitor Ramil & Marcos Suzano, a digital only album by Brazilian duo Ramil and Suzano, has been released on Monday 14 May 2012. The album is a true collaboration, even the original name Satolep Sambatown comes from Pelotas (Satolep in reverse), Vitor Ramil's home town, and Sambatown is the name of Marcos Suzano's debut album in 1998. The result is a meeting of minds between two great musicians on a futuristic exploration of samba.  


Both artists are renowned in the Brazilian music industry. With around ten albums, Ramil is well known for his playful and novel approach as a composer, instrumentalist, singer and author. Although Ramil’s music is strongly based on folkloric traditions of the south of Brazil, a style often overlooked by the popular Brazilian music industry, in 2008, he won one of the most important awards of Brazilian music as chosen by the public; the Prêmio Tim award for Best Singer.

Rio born Suzano brings in Samba influences, a style which – in contrast to Ramil’s work- dominates the Ramil & SuzanoBrazilian music. Famous for his work on the pandeiro, a type of folk frame drum, Suzano also explores electronics, and adds interesting textures to Ramil’s soothing voice which result in occasionally a quirky touch.

A few collaborations with a other artists can be heard on the album too, such as the beautiful duet ‘Que Hora Não São’ which features the haunting vocals of Russian-Brazilian singer Kátia B, or ’12 Segundos De Oscuridad’ featuring the Uruguayan singer Jorge Drexler. Have a listen to the rhythmical song O Copo E A Tempestade as well; it’s a personal favourite at WMN.


Watch here a live performance of 'A Ilusão Da Casa ', one of the tracks on the new album: