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by Drive Digital Consulting June 03, 2021


New Releases: The Rough Guide To The Best Japanese Music You've Never Heard // Ben Aylon - Xalam

Check out two brand new releases for May

May brings two brand new World Music Network releases. As always, they both represent a cross section of unique sonic sub-cultures.

The Rough Guide to the Best Japanese Music You've Never Heard

A wonderfully diverse collection exploring some of Japan’s lesser-known contemporary styles by artists rooted in tradition. From the female divas of the southern Ryukyu islands to the minyo revivalists Boomdigi, Aragehonzi and Tsukudanaka Sanpachi, this is an album full of intrigue and surprises.

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Ben Aylon: Xalam

Ben Aylon’s debut international album sees him elevate the traditional music and instruments of Senegal and Mali into a fresh contemporary setting. Seven years in the making, Xalam features the late, great Malian diva Khaira Arby and sabar drumming legend Doudou Ndiaye Rose. 

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