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by World Music Network April 17, 2011


New Rough Guide Albums: Klezmer and Paris Lounge

The 19th of April marks the release of two new Rough Guide albums: The Rough Guide to Paris Lounge and The Rough Guide to Klezmer.

Transport yourself to the midnight streets of Paris with a collection of ambient lounge music. Or be whisked away in a foot-tapping, exhilarating cavalcade of eclectic Klezmer music.

The Rough Guide to Klezmer (Second Edition)

Klezmer Cover

The Klezmer revival is alive and swinging. With Klezmer bands proliferating in New York, Brazil, Australia, Germany and Poland, the genre is constantly being re-shape

d, re-invented and rejuvenated in fresh and dynamic directions.The Rough Guide To Klezmer offers a listening experience that whirls, kicks and bounces its way from traditional Yiddish music to Hasidic-folk-breakbeat fusion.

Israeli chanteuse, Chava Alberstein opens the album with Good Memory. The track is an up-tempo husky-toned ballad that retells the story of immigrants. Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars inject a carnival feel with robust plodding tuba lines, spiralling clarinet decoration, thrusting percussion and swinging female vocals. On the track, Nign October 19th, 2008 Steve Greenman’s traditional and crisp violin can be heard in lyrical conversation with a counterposed accordion. Leonard Cohen’s, Dance Me To The End of Love is imagined as a haunting, sensual Klezmer tune by Klezmania. A fantastically diverse album that traces the Klezmer revival from start to finish.

Featuring a bonus CD from by Sukke.

The Rough Guide to Paris Lounge

Paris Lounge Front CoverThe Rough Guide to Paris Lounge is a collection of ambient, melting grooves from the iconic city. The night-time air in Paris is thick, saturated with laid-back lounge music curling out from street-side cafés, clubs and restaurants.

On quirky track, NefertitiPascal Parisot’s rich rounded singing voice winds around playfully with echoing, metallic percussion, fuzzy hi-hat rhythms and creeping banjo. French-born Arizona-based Marianne Dissard harks back to cabaret drama on Les Draps Sourdswith a jolting fast-paced rhythmic set-up. The track Emilieby the unusual sounding Féloche mixes nonchalant urban beatbox-style with stabbing piano chords, cartoon-like samples and casual almost spoken vocals. Les Chauds Lapins transplant the listener back to the saloons of 1920s paris with their new composition Cette Nuit-Là. A score for strings and ukuleles adds a delightful eccentricity. Elegant and timid female vocals reference French chanteuse-supreme Edith Piaf, whilst morsels of American swing style point to the influence of Charles Trenet. The Rough Guide to Paris Lounge offers up a bespoke compilation of under-stated yet captivating French music.

Featuring a bonus CD by Marianne Dissard