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by World Music Network August 27, 2010


New Rough Guide Releases Out 30 August

The Rough Guide To Bhangra

A high energy Anglo-Punjabi dance groove, bhangra is the love child of a generation of British Asians. Driven by percussion, synthesizers and raw Punjabi lyrics, the genre has mutated repeatedly to fuse Indian folk origins with a boundless array of modern musical influences.

Featuring a bonus source CD by Achanak

The Rough Guide To The Music Of Afghanistan

Better known for conflict than music, this Rough Guide takes you way beyond the crossfire to explore the musical treasure house that is Afghanistan - revealing regional folk traditions, beautiful classical compositions and a rising popular music scene.

Featuring a bonus CD by Ahmad Sham Sufi Qawwali Group

The Rough Guide To Greek Café

From the joyful vibrancy of Athens to the sublime tranquillity of the islands, Greek music is the soundtrack to an outdoor life of the streets, beach tavernas and cafes. Kick back and relax to the enchanting sounds of this Mediterranean cafe culture.

Featuring a bonus source CD by Dimitris Mistakidis