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by World Music Network October 01, 2012


New Rough Guide Releases Out Now: Salsa & Native America - Listen Here

On 1st October 2012, these two brand new compilations make the perfect addition to your world music collection.

The Rough Guide to Salsa  is a comprehensive overview of the coolest salsa tracks to burst with raw dancefloor energy. The Rough Guide to Native America showcases some of the most historic and significant sounds to emanate out of North America's indigenous communities. 


The Rough Guide To Salsa

Bursting with raw energy, salsa is the highly addictive Latin dance craze that is perennially popular the world over. The line-up on this Rough Guide includes dance tracks by salsa superstars Joe Arroyo, Africando, Grupo Niche and Rubén Blades, and is guaranteed to get you moving in time with that unstoppable clave beat.

The Rough Guide to Salsa is the perfect salsa party soundtrack. The mix of dance-floor-tested tracks make this album suitable for anyone, from accomplished dancers to the double left-footed!

The album also includes an exclusive bonus disc by Bio RitmoThough still not on everyone’s radar, during the last twenty years they have been busy releasing critically acclaimed music and cultivating a solid fanbase. This collection includes the band’s first release, ‘El Piragüero’/’Asia Minor,’ an exclusive previously unreleased live track and their 2012 single, ‘La Muralla’. 

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Have a listen to 'La Verdad' below by bonus album artists Bio Ritmo to get a taste of the jazzy cool sounds you can expect to explore on The Rough Guide to Salsa.

Below is a video of La Excelenciain full salsa duramode: 

Native America

The Rough Guide To Native America

North America’s indigenous population has a diverse and vibrant musical culture which stretches back thousands of years and is deeply grounded yet evolving as it encounters new influences. 

The track list includes star players like R. Carlos Nakai, Blackfire and Clan/Destine alongside those artists who are making inroads into the contemporary scene right now. Estun-Bah are a young trio of musicians from southern Arizona and their music features the Apache cane flute, an instrument traditionally associated with courtship. Other fusion artists include the ever up-beat Casper Loma Da Wa whose reinterpreted reggae is full of positivity and progress.

The bonus album is contributed by none other than Pura Fé, founding member of the renowned ensemble Ulali and recipient of a prestigious ‘Nammy’ (Native American Music Award). Fé’s music blends together heady blues and Native American vocal music into one marvellously moody mix. 

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 Have a listen to this track, 'Oti Nikan' by Asani. The all female a capella trio from Canada got their name from the Cree word 'asiny' which means 'rock'. 

Then, C-Weed rocking out to his mega hit, 'Run As One'. It's an anthemic tune that melds traditional drumming with an epic rock feel.