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by World Music Network February 13, 2012


New WMN Release: Debashish Bhattacharya, Live in Calcutta

live in calcutta

Debashish Bhattacharya: Live in Calcutta

Riverboat Revcords are proud to present their latest release and first download only album, Live In Calcutta by Debashish Bhattacharya. The album can be purchased as a full-length album download - or as part of our digital subscription.

Debashish Bhattacharyahas established an extraordinary career. His uncanny sense of musical understanding allows him to collaborate in various musical fusions. Live in Calcuttais a fine example of this musician's particular expertise: the Calcutta slide guitar. As Alistair Johnston points out, Debashish built his own slide guitar to have more strings and therefore makes it sound more like a sitar. He is perhaps the only phenomenon in the history of world music and Indian classical music who created a trinity of slide guitars: the chaturangui, gandharvi and the anandi. Two out of three generations of these home-made instruments are played on the bonus disc, the chaturangui and anandi. 

Debashish has the rare ability to communicate to each one of his listeners in performance. He has introduced a new finger style as well as playing style combining thumb and index finger. This produces finest bole variety, fastest Taanas, and strongest Jhala, which were technically impossible on a slide guitar earlier. These techniques were celebrated on the World Music Network's Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide-Guitar Odyssey which was a Grammy nominated album. 

A dedicated Guru and pathfinder Debashish has written a syllabus on Indian Classical Guitar, the first of its kind, which includes technical terminologies and abbreviations. If you are keen to get involved in this new musical phenomenon, Debashish offers online classes! So in order to complete your learning experience, get hold of this revolutionary latest release.