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by World Music Network March 06, 2015


New World Music Network Subscription Service!

Discover A World Of Music - Build Your Own Extensive Collection Of World Music 

We have revamped our subscription service to make it more flexible, user friendly & easy to manage for music-lovers from all around the world. Building your own world music collection has never been this easy! 

Whereas previously, you were stuck to ordering two albums a month for a year, you are now free to decide how many albums you would want to purchase, how many to receive at the same time (with a minimum of two tokens for physical copies) and when you'd like to receive them. With the CD & Vinyl subscription, you can even mix & match formats! On top of this, all subscriptions include postage costs (we post world wide) so like this, you don't get to be surprised at the checkout.


Subscribe From £29.95 - Choose Albums From The Entire WMN Catalogue

Don't like change? Not to worry, if you were previously subscribed to World Music Network, and love the frequency with which you received your albums, you can simply choose to continue to receive two albums each month when ordering. All that changes is the type of payment: it is now upfront rather than ongoing.

World Music Network has a massive range of over 300 albums to choose from! For your subscription, you can select music from any of our critically acclaimed labels – Music Rough Guides, Riverboat Records, Introducing and Think Global. Please note however, that not all albums are available in all formats. Visit the store section for more detailed information. 

Our smallest subscriptions start with just 5 vinyl records, 10 CDs or 10 Digital albums within one year. How's that for an accessible subscription service? 


Visit our subscription service page for more information!