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by World Music Network November 02, 2011


Paban Das Baul Gift Pack (CD plus Book)

paban des baul gift packDiscover the inspiring music and engaging story of the Bauls of rural India with the World Music Network's Paban Das Baul Gift Pack

Enjoy the 'Paban Das Baul – Music Of The Honey Gatherers CD' alongside the 250-page hardback by Mimlu Sen, 'The Honey Gatherers' book, described as 'a revelation... a keyhole to a living mystical world... remarkable for its wonderful prose' by acclaimed historian and writer William Dalrymple. The pair can be yours for just £15.00 (standard retail price of the CD is £10.99, and book £12.99), a sweet saving if we say so ourselves, and one not to be missed!

honey gatherersPaban Das Baul – Music Of The Honey Gatherers CD

Steeped in the ancient tradition of the Bauls, the wandering spiritual musicians of Bengal, Music Of The Honey Gatherers is a beautiful and varied collection of stripped back and powerful trance-inducing songs, imbued with the itinerant flavour of life on the road.

honey gatherers bookThe Honey Gatherers Book 

In this fascinating and unusual book Mimlu Sen describes her life on the road with Paban Das Baul and explains the wisdom, humour and ritualised chaos of the Bauls’ ancient way of life, as fresh today as it ever was.