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by World Music Network July 23, 2012


Ramzi Aburedwan - Forthcoming Projects

Following the recent release of Reflections of Palestine by Ramzi Aburedwan on Riverboat Records, the Reflections of Palestinebouzouk virtuoso is involved in some exciting, forthcoming projects. Some details are still to be confirmed, but please do watch this space as the article will be updated accordingly.

 Ramzi Aburedwan and his music school Al Kamandjâti will be featured in a documentary by French-German TV arts channel ARTE.The documentary will be broadcasted on Saturday the 28th of July at 18:50 (GMT+1), and on Friday the 3rd of August at 10:30 (GMT+1).The music from his instrumental album Reflections of Palestinewill be featured in the report. A preview of the documentary can be watched here, either in French or German. 

Furthermore, American journalist Sandy Tolan, famous for his book The Lemon Tree, is writing a book about Ramzi and the school he Ramzifounded; Al Kamandjâti. The name is translated in English as 'The Violinist', referring to one of Ramzi's main instruments. The music school is situated in Palestine and consists of several buildings throughout the country such as in the old city of Ramallah, and several refugee camps. Around 500 students are taught in Arabic and European Classical music. One of the aims of the school is to teach Palestinian children their heritage and culture which has been threatened by the war with Israel. When the book is released is yet unknown.

Ramzi is planning several concerts with the Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music (PNEAM), the dates are yet to be announced, but he is confirmed to perform with Dalouna late 2012 on the following dates:

28 November: La Source, Fontaine, France
29 November: Centre Culturel, St Pierre des Corps, France

You can watch a trailer of another documentary on Ramzi Aburedwan below. It is was made by Weast Productions from the Swiss television last year.