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by World Music Network September 30, 2013


Riverboat And Lala Njava Donate To Graine De Vie

To mark the release of Lala Njava's debut album Malagasy Blues Song on Riverboat Records, World Music Network are donating 100% of sales from the first ten full-price CDs sold to ecological charity Graine de vie.

Lala Njava - Malagasy Blues Song

Malagasy Blues Song

Like the flora and fauna of her Madagascar homeland, Lala Njava’s music is distinctive and unique. Listen out for her silvery wandering voice, lush rolling guitars and rippling percussion on this, her striking debut album – her Malagasy Blues Song.

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Graine de vie is an Belgian-Luxembourgish ecological charity and Non-Governmental Organisation founded by the King Baudouin Foundation to offset the ecological footprint of industrialised countries by planting trees in developed countries.

The charity set up its first project in the Eastern Region of Madagascar. As well as focusing on tree plantation, the project works with local communities to provide jobs and education in environmental protection.

Currently, Graine de vie has 28 plantations located across the Eastern Cap of Madagascar, and has planted over a million trees on the island.

Click here to find out more about Graine de vie