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by World Music Network November 28, 2011


Rolling Stones Magazine: South African Edition

rolling stone south africaFounded in 1967 by Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone remains the world’s leading music and pop culture publication. Whether the subject is music, politics or movies, millions of readers in sixteen countries across the globe turn to Rolling Stone each month to keep informed.

The magazine has always tested its maxim of journalistic integrity with hard hitting and often controversial coverage of political matters. From groundbreaking ‘gonzo’ journalist Hunter S. Thompson to iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz, Rolling Stone has mapped the evolution of pop culture for the past five decades.

As of last week (23 November), this legendary publication now has hit African turf in South Africa. Featuring a 50/50 split of local and international content and highlighting South Africa's diverse creative talent, Rolling Stone South Africa engages local audiences with stories that resonate in their own experiences and lives.

Editor-in-chief, Miles Keylock, says, 'It's about respect - for our subject matter and our readers. We focus on real, in-depth pop culture and current affairs stories, not tabloid headlines and hype. We will be featuring kwaito alongside rock, jazz alongside pop and hip-hop alongside house. The potential to start cross-pollinating cultural conversations is one of the most exciting things about the magazine.'

A little taster of what you can expect from Rolling Stone South Africa can be sampled below in the video for 'Pump It On' by Johannesburg based artist Toya DeLazy, featured on the Rolling Stone South Africa website this week.